How I Met The Red Electric...

The first song I ever sang for The Red Electric was "Valerie" - the Amy Winehouse version. I remember I was so nervous I pretty much butchered the first run-through. I had been taking singing lessons for just over a year, but still circled the block 3 or 4 times in my car before I went in to the first practice they had invited me to, to get just a bit more practice in. They had given me a list of four covers to learn, which I had been practicing for about 2 weeks. My only problem was that I was so used to acoustic and campfire kinds of settings, once the huge in-your-face sound of The Red Electric kicked in I got a bit overwhelmed.

Meeting The Strings

I had met Dave and Dan a few weeks before at Dan's cousin's band show (Sebastian Paige and the Virginia Wolves - unreal band by the way!) which my girlfriend Jamie had brought me to. I remember I was up at the front of the show checking out the guitars on stage before the show and Dan came up beside me and we started talking. I had just moved to Hamilton from Ottawa after working at the federal government for a year and was looking for a band to jam with. Dan introduced me to Dave and they said they had a band that had been jamming for a long time but needed a singer. So many things lined up, I'm pretty sure it was meant to be.

Meeting The City

I fell in love with Hamilton upon moving here. On one hand, some people insisted it was 'sketchy' while those who looked past it's rough exterior saw a creative, artistic gem of a place with tons of live music venues and a good heart... just my kind of place! That's why the first song I wrote with The Red Electric was "The Hammer" - an ode to the place we call home. We put together the song and decided to do our first open mic - This Ain't Hollywood's "Hello Cat Piano Open Mic". We were all nervous but soon the energy and the stage high kicked in and we loved it. We were hooked....

This was just the beginning of an amazing musical experience I've been so lucky to be a part of. We've recently decided we're going to do more than just put out rockin' songs for you to listen to. We want to bring our beloved friends and fans along for the ride. We've started this blog to tell some of the back stories behind the music. I hope you've enjoyed this post, and be sure to follow us - I promise the best is yet to come :)

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